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postheadericon Reduce The Risk of Gold Coast Holidays Accommodation Disaster

Many people travel to Queensland for their Gold Coast
holidays. It is a popular tourist destination with a wide
range of accommodation choices. However, we often read
stories about people complaining about their holiday
experiences. There is nothing new about this - it happens
every year. Usually the accommodation has been the problem.
For example, a 'peaceful' holiday home turns out be on a
busy road. Another example is an expensive apartment that
advertised ocean views ends up having a glimpse of the blue
water from one corner of the balcony. Or perhaps there's the
'luxury' accommodation that has old and worn out decor, where
the mattresses on the beds are concave.

The problem is, with the rise of the internet, many people
are now booking independently rather than through tour
operators. The benefits of booking through independent
operators is that the accommodation rented out is of a much
higher standard than holiday makers could find through
larger tour operators. The other benefits are that it can
often save you money and offer more choice.

However, the risks of booking this way are that if things go
wrong, your options for settling it right, or for getting
compensation are limited - especially if it happens in
another country.

So how do you avoid the pitfalls of booking through
independent operators?

Talk before booking. People are usually far more candid when
talking one to one than when writing purple prose for their
website. You will get a gut feeling about whether or not
they are being honest with you. Telephone with a list of
questions about the property that are most important to you,
and confirm in writing after the conversation.

Check Google Earth or Google maps. This is a seriously
useful tool, allowing you, in many destinations at least, to
check a satellite picture of the property you are interested
in. You will be able to spot any eyesores or problems not
mentioned in the brochure or website description.

Look for virtual tours. Some accommodation providers supply
virtual tours of the apartments and holiday homes on their
books. Whilst photos may show only half the picture, it is
hard for a virtual tour to lie.

Ask for guest reviews. Have a look on the accommodation
website for an Guest Book that contains reviews from past
guests. This really is the best way to gauge the experiences
of people who have actually stayed at the particular Gold
Coast holiday apartment or executive home you are
considering renting. Past guests are likely to be honest
about their experience.

Select the ACTUAL apartment you wish to stay in when you
book. That way you can be confident that your accommodation
will have the exact style, amenities and position you are
looking for. Some Gold Coast holidays accommodation
providers supply photos of each individual apartment or
holiday home on their books, so you will be able to get a
clear picture of what to expect when you arrive.

By following these simple guidelines, you will reduce the
chances of experiencing any unpleasant surprises when you
arrive at your Gold Coast holidays destination.

About the Author:

Fiona Lewis is a representative of SunMore Holidays which is
a company that specialises in offering luxury holiday
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postheadericon Families Opting for Short Gold Coast Holidays

Families Opting for Short Gold Coast Holidays
Gone are the days when families take the extended four week
holiday over the summer. Most Australian holiday makers are
now opting for more frequent, short breaks. Some industry
experts believe this is partly due to the fact that todays'
workers may be too nervous to leave their jobs for long
holidays. Other reason may be that families find it harder
to save for the extended, expensive holiday or perhaps it is
simply to difficult for many families to coordinate a long
period of time that all family members can get away
together, due to work and school commitments. The trend for
cheaper domestic airfares in Australia would almost
certainly be having an impact as well.

Whatever the reason, one area of Australia that is cashing
in on this trend is Queensland's Gold Coast. Both a
combination of cheap airfares and accessibility by car along
the east coast has brought hoards of tourists to the Gold
Coast's large variety of attractions. The fact that there is
so much on offer for tourists is what brings them back again
and again.

In fact the Gold Coast has been Australia's favourite
holiday playground since the 1950's when Surfers Paradise
was established as a beachside town. The reputation of the
Gold Coast is now regarded as being as action-packed holiday
destination. No matter whether you're looking for theme
parks, attractions or tours, there is something to suit
everyone. The diversity of activities is so broad - whether
it's wine trails, hking rugged mountains, riding thrill
rides; dolphin and whale watching or hugging a koala - you
can do it all within 50km?

When it comes to accommodation, the Gold Coast has to most
incredibile range of places you can stay on your holiday.
From beachside high-rise hotels to quaint B&B's and fully
self-contained units, the options are endless. Some
accommodation providers are now offering virtual tours
photos of each individual apartment or holiday home on their
books, so guests can choose the exact accommodation they wish
to stay in, rather than having to wait until they arrive at
their holiday destination. The benefit of this is that it
reduces the chance of nasty surprises when the guests arrive
at their destination - they know the exact view, style and
amenities of the accommodation they will be staying in
BEFORE they even leave their home!

With so much to see and do, tourists often can't fit it all
into short breaks - hence the tendency to return. According
to statistics,the average time spent by tourists on their
Gold Coast Holidays was between 4-5 days, with families
tending to take short break either side of the school
holidays to cash in on cheaper offers. There has also been
a surge of interest in last minute deals since the Global
Financial Crisis.

A Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre study
released in April, 2010 revealed that Queensland is the No.1
short-break destination among Aussies. Considering all of the
reasons above - it's no wonder!

About the Author:

Fiona Lewis is a representative of SunMore Holidays which is
a company that specialises in offering luxury holiday
apartments and executive homes at affordable prices on
Australia's Gold Coast. Would you like to stay in some of
the most popular Gold Coast resorts and enjoy the amenities
of these resorts - all at affordable prices? Discover the
amazing rates available for Gold Coast holidays at =>
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postheadericon Is This Your First Time Vacation in United States?

Is This Your First Time Vacation in United States?
Taking a vacation in the United States is a great experience
for first timers. The biggest hurdle for most people is
actually getting a visa to enter the United States of
America. Because it is the land of opportunity, there are
many instances that those who are given tourist visas
overextend their stay here and try to find work.
Surprisingly, those in Mexico applying for visas to visit
the United States are normally given visas because it is
much easier for them to cross the United States without
entering a visa. If you are able to cross this hurdle and
obtain a visa to visit the United States, here are some
information that may be useful to you and your family:

- Plan your trip ahead of time. Careful planning takes some
information and decision making. Figure out what your
priorities are. Do you want to see landscapes and natural
sceneries or are you pleasing your kids and going for the
Amusement Parks that are in tow. Do you plan to live with
friends and relatives during your stay there? You have to
make sure that they know ahead of time of your visit. Try
not to overstay your welcome and stay not more than 3 nights
especially if you have kids in tow. In some other countries,
they offer a View USA program which entitles you to fly to 3,
5 or 7 areas in the United States at very inexpensive prices.
If you know which states to visit, then use this program as
it becomes cheaper as well. Some of the more popular places
to visit are New York, Florida, California, and Washington
D.C. to name a few.

- Be wary of the laws in the United States. Driving under
the Influence or DUI is strictly enforced in the United
States, most especially in California. An example of this is
San Diego, wherein the local dui laws are very strict. If
you have the misfortune for being cited for this in that
county, you may have to hire a local attorney that
specializes in San Diego DUI law to help you get out of that
situation. How complicated is it? You would need to have a
hearing regarding your case at the Department of Motor
Vehicle. The other laws that you should also be aware of are
speeding laws. Certain zones have speed limits which are
strictly followed. Some places even have speed traps. By
following such speed zones, it lessens your chances of
getting caught by radar.

Preparing for such situations in the United States will make
your vacation a more enjoyable experience.

About the Author:

There are a lot of places to see in California. Land travel
across cities is ideal and knowing the basic rules will help
as it will not spoil your fun. For instance in San Diego,
knowing the San Diego DUI Law will give you an idea on what
not to do to avoid the hassle. San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer
is always around to help you out when needed. More here
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postheadericon Charming Hotels in London With a Difference That Will Make Your Holiday Amazing

Numerous persons ask the question why we need to tour London?

There are various things you can do and discover in London
that it becomes a must for any person to go to this
enthralling city. There are historical sights to see,
museums enriched with various types of artifacts and many
other object d 'art to view and enjoy. It is among the most
visited places in the entire world.

Where are the top secret hotels located in London? When you
visit London, you will find no dearth of accommodation in
this city. There are thousands of hotels in London. While
staying in any of these hotels with average comforts you
will feel comfortable, so to have a better arrangement you
can try staying in one of the boutique London U.K. hotels.

These hotels offer a destination different from other places
whereas the same monotonous hospitality of a routine hotel
won't be there. The hotels described below are one of the
best hotels that are made just to please you and to make
your stay more pleasant and enjoyable.

One such hotel is the Baglioni Hotel in London. This London
hotel carries a passion for customs along with continental
splendor. The hotel staffs give world-class support, and
each 66 suites include the design of music, history, and
also art work. It is very near the brilliant lifetime of
London and still has serenity as well as tranquility that
any individual guest would possibly want to.

Another boutique hotel is the 41. As the name suggests the
hotel has 41 rooms and all of them are decorated differently
from each other, though they all have black and white themes
as a common theme. It takes care of your each and every
small thing with aplomb, however weird the request may be.

The Cadogan Hotel in Sloane Street, the Fox Club close to
Green Park and Piccadilly are also two of the boutique
hotels. The Hazlitt's in Soho provides period boutique
accommodation. When you have such wonderful places in London
to stay, how can you not enjoy the city and its attractions?
Many boutique hotels have been transformed from private
residence. One such hotel is the Edward Lear close to Oxford
Street. It is an economical hotel offering all comforts.

The hotels offer all the creature comforts that one may
need. They pamper the guest and make them want to stay
forever. The staffs are welcoming; the amenities are modern
and the facilities up to the latest standard. The hotel and
its service are at it best and you can find no fault with
any of the services. They are generally centrally located.
The stay will direct you to the various tourist attractions
that you may want to visit during the course of your stay.

How you can find the most effective london hotels to fit
your budget?

Having a low fund has for no reason been any kind of
obstacle for any person in order to have a pleasant holiday
in London and if anyone need the finest luxuries you have to
attempt and remain in such boutique hotels. They will not
just allow you to relax, yet will present to you the life of
London as it was once upon a time. They have all of the handy
features with a magical ambiance which will feel you
thoroughly bewitched.

About the Author:

Article provided by Hotel Travel Express. A travel site that
provides cheap discounted vacation packages at rate that fit
your budget. To find out cheap hotel deals visit us at
http://www.hoteltravelexpress.com and http://www.gotrac.org
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postheadericon Tips to Make Your Road Travel Hassle Free

One of the best ways to experience travelling around America
is by taking a road trip. The road network of the country
was designed and built for people to travel from one coast
to the other. Travelling by land allows you to visit so
many places and there are numerous rest stops and motor inns
available for both cars and recreational vehicles. What's
more is the Americans take to their car as a means to show
their independence. With this ability to uproot and transfer
to any place in the United States, the road for most is
something for them to explore, venture and sometimes to
start anew.

Here are some tips for those who want to take to the highway
and see the United States from the ground:

- Make sure that you have the necessary travel documents and
other paperwork. This means that you should have your
driver's license and car registration. In some states, it is
very inexpensive to rent a car. States like California and
Florida have some of the best car rental rates in the United
States. Having a valid driver's license is a prerequisite.
Make sure that the car registration is up to date as well.

- Know the rules. The most important rule of them all is
Don't Drink and Drive. Some areas have very strict and
meticulous rules when it comes to Driving under the
Influence. In San Diego, you may even have to hire a local
San Diego based lawyer who specializes in handling drunk
driving cases. That is because getting cited and arrested
for Driving under the Influence or DUI is taken seriously
there and there are preliminary procedures way different
than other states. A case manager from the Department of
Motor Vehicles will analyze to see if your case should be
elevated to the circuit court. Getting a local San Diego
drunk driving lawyer to handle this is almost mandatory.

- Make sure that your car is in working order. Do have your
checked up when you are going on a long road trip. Make sure
the tires have enough grip in them so that they don't blow
out. Check your oil to see that it still has some viscosity
left to let the engine run smoothly. Have enough water in
your radiator to avoid any overhead. Finally, make sure the
headlights and brake lights work.

These are just some of the things that you need to enjoy
your road trip.

About the Author:

Traveling around California is a great experience. Just make
sure that DUI San Diego is not something you mess around
with. Don't let drunk driving ruin this breathtaking
experience. A San Diego Drunk Driving Lawyer will help you
anytime but it is ideal to not need their services by
obeying the DUI laws firsthand.

postheadericon Luxury New Zealand Travel, How Does It Compare To The Rest Of The World?

For discerning travellers looking for the ultimate
destination, very few countries are able to match New

The outstanding beauty and down to earth, personalised
service that New Zealand has to offer is almost impossible
to replicate and it is this recipe that has helped create so
many wonderful memories for visitors from around the globe.

New Zealand offers a diversity of landscapes in an area
geographically the same size as Great Britain, yet with only
four million people, there are no crushing crowds, traffic
jams are limited only to the main cities and many of the
roads are devoid of cars for much of the day. Landscapes
range from semi-tropical bays in the far north to forested
volcanic plateaus, sun baked vineyards, and stunning alpine
lakes and mountains in the south.

Throughout New Zealand, there are a wonderful selection of
boutique hotels and luxurious lodges that offer their guests
an amazing level of comfort and service, but with a relaxed
kiwi charm. Visitors who are more used to international and
familiar brand hotels are sometimes initially apprehensive
about staying at smaller properties, but this anxiety is
soon replaced with absolute joy as they sample the very best
of New Zealand's food, wine and service, amongst outstanding

New Zealand is the perfect destination regardless of age or
interests as there really is something for everyone. Whilst
New Zealand, and especially Queenstown, is recognised
internationally as the adventure capital of the world,
visitors from all walks of life visit to enjoy the
outstanding scenic beauty, renowned New World wines,
internationally ranked golf resorts and the easy pace of
life. Couples and families who appreciate and desire a
personalised service should work with a New Zealand based
organisation that specialises in tailored luxury New Zealand
vacations. There are many superb activities and 5 star
places to stay that are not well advertised in the main
guide books, instead they thrive on their reputation from
within the industry. Specialists in luxury New Zealand
travel offer bespoke travel plans that are totally focused
on ensuring the arrangements and accommodation selections
are absolutely suited to the needs of the client, rather
than providing a vanilla package straight from a brochure.

Many luxury travellers liken the service in New Zealand's
finest lodges and hotels to being welcomed by an old friend.
And that is the New Zealand point of difference. Luxury
travel in New Zealand is no less luxurious than in other
countries, it's just served with our kiwi flavour.

About the Author:

Sara Leadbetter is a Business Advisor based in New Zealand
who specializes in the Tourism Industry. This article was
written about her work with David Hiatt at the luxury New
Zealand travel experts, Lookout Point. Want a 5 star,
individually tailored travel itinerary when visiting New
Zealand? Contact David Hiatt for more information at:
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postheadericon I Love Touring Venice, Italy - Castello District Hotels

I Love Touring Venice, Italy - Castello District Hotels
The Castello district is the largest of Venice's six
districts, which are locally known as sestiere. It's in the
east of Venice and, unlike some of the other districts,
people actually live there. This is the least touristy part
of Venice, which may be an attraction for many. The area
includes many historic churches. For your convenience we
have listed these hotels in approximate order of cost,
starting with the least expensive. We have personally
verified all website addresses making sure that they include
English-language pages. The exception is clearly identified.

Santa Maria della Pieta is a casa per ferie (vacation house)
rather than a hotel. It does occupy the upper floors of two
palaces but don't come here expecting luxury. You should
enjoy the rooftop terrace. Some of its rooms are great for
families, if you reserve early enough you may get one with
six beds. There are 15 rooms. The address is Calle della
Pieta, Castello 3701. Their website is Italian language only
but clicking the translation provides the basics.

The Hotel Scandinavia, originally built around the year
1000, was once a luxurious Eighteenth Century residence.
According to local tradition this was where Desdemona met
Othello, the "Moor of Venice." Be that as it may, the hotel
is right near the Santa Maria Formosa church and a typical
Venetian square of the same name. There are 33 rooms. The
hotel address is Campo Santa. Maria Formosa, Castello 5240.

The Ca' Formenta was an unimpressive Fifteenth Century
building completely restored into a hotel in 2003. There is
a rooftop terrace. I'm told that the restaurants and coffee
houses in the neighborhood are filled with Venetians rather
than tourists. If you don't speak Italian bring your phrase
book. The street Via Garibaldi, named after the Italian
national hero, was laid over a stream. This hotel's address
is Via Garibaldi, Castello 1650.

The Hotel Londra Palace was originally built in the
mid-Nineteenth Century. Among its famous guests was
Tchaikovsky who in 1877 wrote the first three movements of
his 4th Symphony in room 106. The hotel has a bar and an
upscale restaurant. There are 36 rooms and 17 suites. The
hotel address is Riva degli Schiavoni, Castello 4171.

The Metropole, like the Hotel Londra Palace, has a music
connection. Antionio Vivaldi taught music there. Try to get
a rooftop room, or at least stop by the rooftop terraces.
The place is just packed with antiques and beautiful curios
many of which can be viewed on their website. The hotel
boasts a Michelin two-star restaurant. There are 67 rooms
and a total of 22 suites. The hotel address is Riva degli
Schiavoni, Castello 4149.

About the Author:

Levi Reiss has authored or co-authored ten books on computers
and the Internet but he would rather just drink fine Italian
or other wine, accompanied by the right foods. He teaches
various computer classes in an Ontario French-language
community college. Check out his wine website
http://www.theworldwidewine.com with a weekly column
reviewing $10 wines and new sections writing about (theory)
and tasting (practice) organic and kosher wines.